From Humble Beginnings

The allura hair story began in 2001

When Leiza Cester had enough courage to take a risk and follow a dream of a complete one on one, natural & organic hairdressing day spa.

Driven by Leiza’s belief in seeking the finest natural & organic hair products derived from Australian sources and the power of giving back and pampering those in need, the first allura hair was opened.

When you enter allura hair you are warmly greeted on time, our Byron Bay organic tea is served to you and our calming aromas and uplifting music takes you on a sensory journey.

Beautiful Female Model Allura Hair Dressing Berwick

at allura our clients are our number one priority and we promise high quality natural & organic hairstyling for you

You know how frustrating it is to spend hours of time at a salon only to find the hairdresser doesn’t listen and end up doing what they want and not what you were trying to explain. This experience happens all the time.

Why Allura?

allura is derived from the indigenous word meaning ‘pleasant place’

Why Australian owned and made?

our connections

True to our philosophy of connecting to the natural & organic Australian land. Allura supports World Vision’s Indigenous communities helping create life in all its fullness for Australian Indigenous children.

Also supporting a disease free future
Allura has shown that we should all take our health and the health of future generations seriously. To support this Allura supports the following campaigns.

Connections Allura Hair Dressing Berwick

Why Natural & Organic?

protect & preserve our planet

Plant Based Ingredient
Allura believes that all businesses should be responsible for the effect their activities have on the environment. Allura is committed to operating a sustainable business ensuring all of our activities are in the best interests of the environment. Allura uses environmentally sustainable resources and certified organic products wherever technically possible and economically viable. Even the smallest change canmake the biggest difference.
No animal testing
We partner with Matter of Trust and donate hair clippings to mop up oil spills. We use recycled stationery & soy based ink. We use environmentally sensitive cleaning products. We minimise our energy by & water usage – eco hair dryers halve the amount of energy used and ecoheads use 65% less water. After use, our foil is recycled for the production of other aluminium products. We have used natural materials where possible in the fit out of our salon.

No animal testing
Allura is completely against the testing of cosmetic products and ingredients on animals. We do not and will never support products tested on animals, nor will we ever commission others to do so.

Value Australian trade
Value Australian trade
Allura is committed to supporting initiatives that contribute to the economic, social and cultural growth of Australia and its communities. Allura will continue to choose products that are responsibly harvested and trade wherever possible with Australian communities who can benefit.

Allura is proud to boast 90% of the resources used during your service will be diverted from landfill and sent for recycling.

This resource recovery program is helping us to achieve zero waste in the salon, all while giving back to the local community.

Each time you visit a Sustainable Salon such as allura, you can feel good about doing good!


Connections Allura Hair Dressing Berwick

We trust you’ll be completely delighted with your hair experience at Allura. If in the unlikely event you’re not 100% satisfied, tell us within 7 days and we’ll redo it FREE.

Allura Guarantee

Why others love Allura Hairdressing Boutique

Ever since coming to Allura I have found it to be a whole different experience. I look forward to my appointment, it’s great service, lovely place, exceeds all expectations – Thank You!!

- Amy S

I receive the same consistent service every time I come. A perfect experience – Thank You!!

- Kerry G

Awesome every time!

- Kendall R.

I love the one on one attention and the fact that I don’t spend hours and hours getting my hair done. I never have to wait and can honestly say I have never experienced a salon like it!

-  Nadine G

Friendliness fantastic 10/10

– Christine B

I just feel pampered when I come here.

– Margaret S

In no way can you improve or enhance my experience – it is perfect and always is!!!

– Eliza D

It was excellent – wouldn’t change a thing!

– Bridget H

Everything was excellent – no improvement required!

– Shaun G

How do you top perfection!

– Ruth M

I was very pleased with the service and is great to have parking! Not too noisy – this is something that led me to change hairdressers! Keep up the great work.

– Lyn W