Anti-Aging Hair & Scalp Treatments

All hair and scalp types need nourishment to help combat the effects of environmental, heat, and colour treatments. Let your stylist customise the best possible natural and organic hair treatment derived from pure flower and plant essences to treat your hair and scalp today.

All treatments can be added to any hair service from our menu.

The most popular itchy scalp treatments on the market today unfortunately use chemicals instead of using highly effective, natural ingredients which are found in the De Lorenzo and EverEscents product ranges. Chemicals can cause irritation and even hair loss. Allura’s Hair and Scalp Treatments are amongst the strongest most effective natural treatments available and are 100% organic, chemical & alcohol free.

Often an itchy or irritated scalp is evidence of an allergic reaction to some of the chemical ingredients in one of your hair care products, most likely your shampoo. It may also be causing you dandruff.

If you are using “Chemical Based” or Cheap & Nasty hair products do you realize they may be causing you more harm than good and may be the same as using detergent? All hair and scalp types need regular nourishment to help combat the effects of chemical products, heat, allergies and the environment. If you are experiencing any of the following hair and scalp problems chances are you may need to start treating your hair and scalp more regularly:

  • scalp irritation
  • rapid hair colour fade
  • silicon build up on the hair follicle – feels like a coating of chlorine on the hair
  • hair loss
  • skin allergies
  • dull lifeless hair

You might be someone who fusses with your hair on some level. Maybe you fret over your hair type, pick at your split ends or look for those dry flakes that cascade off when you scratch your head. Not everyone has that amazing hair with a perfect scalp to match. One thing’s for certain, though, if you want great hair, you’ll need a great scalp, too.

Before you jump into all the various scalp treatments out there today, there’s one hint that you should know about right off the bat. If you enjoy sitting at the hair salon getting a good scalp massage as part of your treatment, you might be wondering whether such a luxury could help your scalp problems or make them magically disappear. The fact is a good scalp massage can increase the blood flow to your head and release hormones that can improve your scalp condition and also enhance your mood. So lap up the scalp massage as this can raise your spirits and help cure your dry or oily scalp together with putting life back into dry hair.

One of the best ways to help a scalp that has excessive dryness or oiliness is with a scalp treatment that is preferably natural and organic. Organic treatments contains natural ingredients such as botanicals and essential oils that soothe itching and dryness. They are often milder than regular treatments, which can be drying and irritating. Non-organic treatments that contain sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), detergents, artificial ingredients, and perfumes irritate sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema.

Allura’s Oily Scalp Treatment
The math seems simple: An oily scalp leads to oily hair. But if you’re fighting excessive oiliness on your scalp, relief might be as close as your shower. One of the most readily available treatments comes in the form of the De Lorenzo Scalp Control Range which calms excessive sebum production, leaving hair clean and fresh. Relieves the symptoms associated with dandruff, itching, flaking, redness, and oily scalp.

Another is the EverEscents Bergamot Treatment Range which is a veritable citrus fruit cocktail providing deep cleansing and nourishment without leaving the hair limp or oily. Designed for normal hair with oily roots and is suitable for colour treated hair.

Curious as to how these natural products can cut down the oil production on your scalp? The carefully selected ingredients help to reduce oiliness along with inflammation and itching. Tea tree oil is a great ingredient to look for. It is used to treat many skin conditions such as dandruff. It has antimicrobial properties that help control bacterial that cause skin irritation. Once you’ve selected your product, make sure you work the product into your scalp. These treatments work only if they are on your scalp, so give some extra attention to working all the way up to your scalp.

Allura’s Dry Scalp Treatment
Just as an oily scalp leads to oily hair, a dry scalp often results in hair that looks dull and lifeless, not to mention skin that is itchy and flaky. When treating dry scalp, look for products containing calming ingredients such as lavender. Lavender is great for treating scalp conditions. It is used as a healing herb and is known as being antibacterial. Lavender oil treats skin conditions, sunburns, and is relaxing. Another option is vitamin D3, which is great for treating dry, itchy skin from the inside. Vitamin D3 might take longer to work than using treatments containing steroids, but at least it is natural.

De Lorenzo Tricho Natural Scalp Therapy is a simple three step treatment program formulated to relieve the symptoms of itch, dandruff, psoriasis, redness and scaling where the scalp is dry. It contains a multi-vitamin herbal complex to promote a healthy scalp and menthol to cool and sooth.

Another is the EverEscents Senses range of Lavender shampoo and conditioner which contains the highest quality pure Australian Certified Organic ingredients and does NOT contain any harsh chemicals. The Lavender variety provides ultra-reconstructive care with intensive personalised nourishment for normal to dry hair. It is the perfect recipe for gentle cleansing while nourishing even the most delicate hair from moisture loss. Lavender is designed for dry lengths of hair with normal to dry scalp and is perfect for helping alleviate scalp conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis, itchy scalp & flaky scalp. Suitable for dry, damaged or coloured hair.

Allura’s Instant Hair Treatment
This instant treatment is mostly suited for clients wanting to achieve a longer lasting hair colour and improve shine, volume and manageability.

Allura’s Deep Cleanse Hair & Scalp Treatment
Created to deep cleanse the hair by removing product build up and reduce scalp irritation. This rejuvenating treatment will energise and stimulate the scalp creating better circulation and the reduction of hair loss. Ideal for men or post pregnancy.

Allura’s Equilibrium Deluxe Hair Treatment
Suitable for clients wanting to restore and rebalance moisture to dry hair. This luxuriously rich treatment will nourish brittle, fly away and colour treated hair without weighing it down.

Allura’s Cinnamon & Patchouli Organic Hair Treatment
An intensive treatment used to reconstruct, nourish & restore hair structure. With the added benefits of Certified Organic herbal extracts and essential oils sourced from the highest quality Australian farmers, it is perfect for healing hair affected by chemical processing and colour treatments.

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