the parents room

Are you finding it hard to get your hair done with the kids? You’ve either got to wait until your partner gets home from work or arrange a babysitter just so you can get your hair done. This often doesn’t work out so well and the only other option is to bring them with you. This brings worry that the hair salon may not be “kid friendly” or that you may end up sitting next to someone who has happened to palm off her tribe and she glares at you as your kids get bored and start getting restless causing disruption to her relaxation.

As a mum of 3 children I completely understood that this was one of the biggest issues whilst trying to get your hair done. Often the above scenario would occur until I thought, hang on what if we designated a specific “kid friendly” room that would allow you to have your hair done, allow the kids to be safe from the hazards of a hair salon (hot irons, scissors, razors, colours and bleaches), and prevent us from having to co-ordinate a babysitter or husband to be home at a specific time just to be able to get your roots done and wear a fashionable and stylish haircut!

Allura Hairdressing Boutique has its own designated Parent Room so you can now enjoy your hair service in comfort,
while the kids can also enjoy a movie, game or puzzle in the safety of this space.

  • Parent Room available Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs ONLY
  • Parent Room available upon booking your hair appointment ONLY
  • Kids must remain in your supervision and remain in Parent Room
  • Foods & Drinks must be contained
  • BYO movie or game or choose from the many provided
  • Maximum of 4 kids at any one time
  • Baby change facility available
  • Ramp Access at rear for small prams
  • Ages 0 -12 years

Your highly qualified hair stylist has been equipped with the knowledge in all aspects of hair cutting – and this includes children’s hair too. Whilst you are having your hair done why not take advantage of getting the kids hair done too. Allura offers a range of children’s’ hairdressing services and with the use of natural and organic products you can rest assured the health of your child’s hair is in the best hands. Rest assured that our caring stylists will take the time to listen to your instructions and make sure that your child gets the great hair style they deserve.

Why others love allura hairdressing boutique

Ever since coming to Allura I have found it to be a whole different experience. I look forward to my appointment, it’s great service, lovely place, exceeds all expectations – Thank You!!

– Amy S

I receive the same consistent service every time I come. A perfect experience – Thank You!!

– Kerry G

Awesome every time!

– Kendall R.

I love the one on one attention and the fact that I don’t spend hours and hours getting my hair done. I never have to wait and can honestly say I have never experienced a salon like it!

–  Nadine G

Friendliness fantastic 10/10

– Christine B

I just feel pampered when I come here.

– Margaret S

In no way can you improve or enhance my experience – it is perfect and always is!!!

– Eliza D

It was excellent – wouldn’t change a thing!

– Bridget H

Everything was excellent – no improvement required!

– Shaun G

How do you top perfection!

– Ruth M

I was very pleased with the service and is great to have parking! Not too noisy – this is something that led me to change hairdressers! Keep up the great work.

– Lyn W

We trust you’ll be completely delighted with your hair experience at Allura. If in the unlikely event you’re not 100% satisfied, tell us within 7 days and we’ll redo it FREE.

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